A Warm Hello

inspiration Hello my friends! I hope you are all having a lovely week. If you have not noticed, my posting has been a bit irregular lately. I have had quite a few things come up in the past month. Some great things and some not so great things. I guess this is what we call "life". Haha. I have been hard at work building our Organizing and Interior Styling business, and I have been spending some of this time analyzing Girl and the Abode and what my goals are for the future of this little decorating blog. I have found so much joy in creating this space for myself to write about things I have passion for, and enjoyed connecting  with other wonderful bloggers. I have many great ideas and many things to learn. I am so grateful for you who follow me here. I will continue to strive to make Girl and the Abode a wonderful, peaceful little spot you can come escape to.


{image 1-Classy in the City, image 2 -Departika}

See you back here next week!

xoxo Lauren

Design Ed - Symmetrical Balance

Symmetrical Balance Balance occurs when parts of a composition ( in our case, a room) are arranged with the goal of equality. Equality occurs when you have achieved equal visual weight within a space. This is one building block of interior design. The cool part about balance, it does not have to have equal visual weight on either side of the room. The visual weight of the objects, and their arrangements can give you the balance you need. There are three types of balance within the principles of design. Symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial. Today, as you see in the photo above, we are touching on symmetrical balance. This is definitely a more formal, traditional approach to room design. The furniture pieces here are all placed around a common axis, the coffee table, as a mirror image of each other.

This room has lovely visual weight, do you see the placement of  the photos on the wall with the fireplace? As well as the decoration pieces? I really like that this room is accessorized  with a bit of asymmetrical balance. Do you see how the visual weight of the statue, along with the larger art work and fuller house plant compliment the smaller items to the right? The height of where the art is hung and the visual weight of the shorter stone pieces do well to achieve equality within this room. I also love the mass of the large white piece of art over the fireplace. It's scale compliments the placement of the furnishings perfectly, don't you think? Oh, and I am dying over those chairs!

Hope you enjoyed our little discussion on the principle of balance. I would love to hear your thoughts on this space. What elements do you think make this room stand out? Do you prefer symmetrical balance or asymmetrical balance in your personal space?

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

Things Successful People Do

So sorry for being absent all week. It has been one of those weeks, where there  doesn't seem to be enough time for anything! So, I will be spending the weekend writing some fun posts for next week, and trying to inspire myself creatively. It looks like it will be a gorgeous weekend here in southern california. I think siting in the sun doing a little catch up reading is in order. What are your plans for the weekend? Before I go, I thought you might like some encouraging and inspirational thoughts. I found this success chart over at Val & Words. I printed it and put it up in my office.

things successful people do

I especially like number 12. Maintain balance in life. This is what I needed this week. I could have stayed up until 12 am creating articles. But, I knew, my body needed rest. It would be worse to push it and burn out doing something I absolutely love. Hope you enjoy reading through this. Go on over and check out Val & Words. Lots of good stuff there. See you Monday!

{image from Val & Words}

Organizing Inspiration : Planners.

I hope this new year has found you all well. I have been busy getting our design and organizing company off the ground. The past few months though, I have felt very uninspired to blog. It is probably brain overload. I think if we take on too much, we end up accomplishing near to nothing. I have thought a lot about this. I finally had this light bulb moment, blogging is what gave me my creative spirit back. I have to stick with it! I was in a creative rut for years, and when I started this little blog, it gave me the inspiration I needed to go back to design school and start professionally organizing with my sister. This is where my creative career begins, I suddenly wanted nothing more but to sit in front of my computer and write and find wonderful, creative, inspirational things to share with people. So here I am. Life is crazy and busy most of the time, but you must make time for the things that keep you moving in the direction you want to grow. With ALL that said, I thought it would be appropriate to share some gorgeous planners I found on Etsy and Paper Source. This way, moving forward through the year, we can all be organized. Sounds wonderful, right?

2013 Weekly Agenda Planner - Fuschia, White, Grey blocks - Made to order - A6 / small size

2013 pocket monthly planner - teal forest

2013 Weekly Planner - The Creative Adult is the Child who Survived

2013 Wildflower Calendar

2013 Student Planner

I personally use my ical on my ipad, so i thought these covers would be a fun option to purchasing a new planner.

Genuine Leather Hand Made Grey Felt iPad Case iPad Sleeve iPad Cover iPad Holder Real Leather Handmade ipad 1 2 new ipad :E1137-MGra01

iPad Cover Case iPad Sleeve Pendleton Fabric Wool Padded

I would love to get some feedback on how you keep organized? How do you push through creative ruts? I know with me it takes just stepping back and re prioritizing what is most important. One thing I have learned to be important is making weekly to do lists, not daily. This way I am more likely to accomplish them.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday.

Winter Edition of Heart Home

Heart Home is a wonderfully charming e-magazine dedicated to everything "home". It is one of my favorites. Not sure if it is offered in print format. I would not mind a stack of Heart Home sitting in my office! One of the articles featured a lovely Scandinavian blogger/ creative director for a home related company. Her name is Dagny and she LOVES color! I have to give her kudos, she pulled off a lot of interesting color combinations. Jonathan Adler would be proud! It takes a very creative and talented person to combine just the right hues. Personally, in my home I prefer a more muted palate, but, I appreciate all the colors of her home just as much because they all compliment each other so well.  It is a really energetic and fun home to look through.

So, as you can see, Dagny knows her color palate! You can check out her blog, Scandinavian Chic here. Apparently she just purchased a new home, so I'm sure there will be a lot of fun new decorating material coming soon!

Heart Home is full of many many other fun decorating inspirations, so i highly recommend this great little e-magazine. Plus, it's free!

I will always have a soft spot for print magazines, but I appreciate the great e magazines we have available to us now. What are some of your favorites? Please. do share!

Have a lovely weekend!



Weekend DIY Projects

Here are two fun and easy DIY projects for your weekend. DIY Coasters 

Supplies :

  1.  White Tiles ( get them at any home improvement store) 10 -20 cents each!
  2. Mod Podge
  3. Paper or fabric of your choice
  4. Scissors
  5. Ruler
  6. Paint brush
  7. Glue
  8. Felt

Simply cut paper or fabric of your choice to the size of your tile. Apply mod podge as directed on the bottle. It is a glue and sealer. I applied two coats of mod podge for my sealer. While drying cut out felt for the back of your coasters. When coasters are completely set, glue felt to the back of your tiles.

Wait about a week before you use them, they need a fair amount of drying time.

Super simple and fun! My sister and I have a craft night once a month. Its like a book club, we pick a project or two and craft for hours! ( Sometimes with a glass of wine or two!)

Easy Hot Plates!


Supplies -

  1. Cork hot pads ( I got mine at Target - a pack of two for $5)
  2. Paint
  3. Painters tape
  4. Paint brush

All you do here is tape off the shapes you want on your hot pads, and paint! You could get your stamp set out too! Stamp images, or freehand some fun, artsy image on your hot pad! The possibilities are endless!

Have fun crafting! I hope you will instill a craft night in your monthly routine! Its so good for the soul! Making even the most simple things, such as these, with your own two hands is incredibly fulfilling.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Do what you Love!

I just came across this fantastic website that encourages and promotes doing what you love. Life is too short to be working day in, and day out, doing something that is not fulfilling. I speak from experience. I am not working in the industry I dream of. I am fortunate to work with people I respect and enjoy, but,  I have always had a dream of working in the interior design business. For many reasons, it never happened. Well, it is time, I am pursuing what I really was meant to be doing. Life can get in the way of your dreams, you just have to make sure to put them first and always strive to be what you are completely capable of being. Life this way will be a happier place. Enjoy everyday. Work, Family, Love, Home..... Create the life you dream of. Most of all, strive for simplicity. Simple can mean less, thats ok. If you are doing what you enjoy, you wont really need more. What do you dream of doing? Go over and check out Workisnotajob.com. Its an inspiring place. Here is there Manifesto. Read it, and think about, then make your change. I am, and i could not be happier. As rough as it may seem, to alter things in your life. It can be worth it. workisnotajob. manifesto 2012 ©

I hope this inspires you as it inspired me. Have a wonderful weekend.