Brass & Antlers

I know, where in the world did I get inspired to write about this combo? Not sure? I love both, and I think both work really well together. Antlers are so raw and rustic, and brass, so elegant and sophisticated. Its like the perfect couple, manly and rugged paired with feminine and classic.  Here is a little collection that I thought might inspire you to incorporate brass & antlers into your home decor. H20110901-Bedroom-Bliss-08a-600x413











My cousins Courtney and Mike Laser, have a fantastic collection of antlers throughout their home. Welcome to Laser Camp. I love when people name their homes. It makes me think I will here a story or two about its residents or the homes past. That really really cool things may happen here. Do you have a name for your home?


They make some really fantastic faux antlers, which can be a more affordable option for those of us on a budget. Looks great clustered in three, huh?


Placed on a table paired with other simple items makes such a great statement.


Here, a slightly edgier look for a mans office space. See, you don't need anything else on your walls when these guys are on it! Big Thanks to Laser Camp for showcasing your antlers.

Here are a couple shops on Esty where you can purchase antlers.

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See you tomorrow!

Exquisite Noma Interiors

We are in the midst of planning a fantastic trip around Europe scheduled for late this year. Eating at Noma in Copenhagen is at the top of the list. I was flipping through some of the food photos from this gorgeous restaurant and came across some of the interior photos.  Stunning! I could not figure out if he had a consulting designer for this project or if he did all the design work himself.  I love danish style interiors, it exudes simplicity. Which, I think we can all use a dose of.  I love the simple danish chairs used at the tables and the organic reclaimed wood beams. The sheep skin furs were such a great touch of warmth.  There obviously was just as much thought put into Rene Redzepi's  restaurant design, as there is put into his dishes. It really compliments his style cuisine. Very organic, and unpretentious.  Looks like a very comfortable atmosphere to enjoy some of the worlds greatest cuisine.  So, wish us the best at getting our reservation! I hope in late October, I can show you some of my own photos! noma

Interior photos by Jessica Vedel.

Rustic Chic Table Setting

My sister and I have this love / amusement with styling parties. We sit around and chat over wine about what our next table setting will look like. ( nerdy, I know.) We have often dreamt of opening a little event styling business...maybe someday. Until then we will just keep creating ideas for you.

Here are some photos to inspire a very rustic yet elegant dinner setting.