Project Rope

Here are a few fun rope diy projects that you should try out on your next craft night. Rope Chargers 

So, this is so easy and pretty obvious what needs to be done. 1. Dye your rope with any color you love, try not to saturate the entire rope. Only portions though, dip the center and a few of the edges. 2. Take your glue gun and apply glue to the areas you are wrapping around itself. 3. Let it dry overnight. Found this fun project at A Fabulous Fete blog.

Rope Vases 


Here you will need : Tin cans of various sizes, Rope, and a hot glue gun.  1. Apply some glue at the base of the can and wrap your rope around it, Continue to do this until you reach the top. 2. Let it dry. 3. Put a jar on the inside of the new rope vase and add your flowers! Such a great idea for a quick centerpiece a BBQ!

Color Block Rope Basket 

This lovely rope bowl project came from Design Sponge. Photos are pretty self explanatory and same concept as featured above. Here is the link to the full instructions if you like more details.