Design Ed - Symmetrical Balance

Symmetrical Balance Balance occurs when parts of a composition ( in our case, a room) are arranged with the goal of equality. Equality occurs when you have achieved equal visual weight within a space. This is one building block of interior design. The cool part about balance, it does not have to have equal visual weight on either side of the room. The visual weight of the objects, and their arrangements can give you the balance you need. There are three types of balance within the principles of design. Symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial. Today, as you see in the photo above, we are touching on symmetrical balance. This is definitely a more formal, traditional approach to room design. The furniture pieces here are all placed around a common axis, the coffee table, as a mirror image of each other.

This room has lovely visual weight, do you see the placement of  the photos on the wall with the fireplace? As well as the decoration pieces? I really like that this room is accessorized  with a bit of asymmetrical balance. Do you see how the visual weight of the statue, along with the larger art work and fuller house plant compliment the smaller items to the right? The height of where the art is hung and the visual weight of the shorter stone pieces do well to achieve equality within this room. I also love the mass of the large white piece of art over the fireplace. It's scale compliments the placement of the furnishings perfectly, don't you think? Oh, and I am dying over those chairs!

Hope you enjoyed our little discussion on the principle of balance. I would love to hear your thoughts on this space. What elements do you think make this room stand out? Do you prefer symmetrical balance or asymmetrical balance in your personal space?

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

Winter Edition of Heart Home

Heart Home is a wonderfully charming e-magazine dedicated to everything "home". It is one of my favorites. Not sure if it is offered in print format. I would not mind a stack of Heart Home sitting in my office! One of the articles featured a lovely Scandinavian blogger/ creative director for a home related company. Her name is Dagny and she LOVES color! I have to give her kudos, she pulled off a lot of interesting color combinations. Jonathan Adler would be proud! It takes a very creative and talented person to combine just the right hues. Personally, in my home I prefer a more muted palate, but, I appreciate all the colors of her home just as much because they all compliment each other so well.  It is a really energetic and fun home to look through.

So, as you can see, Dagny knows her color palate! You can check out her blog, Scandinavian Chic here. Apparently she just purchased a new home, so I'm sure there will be a lot of fun new decorating material coming soon!

Heart Home is full of many many other fun decorating inspirations, so i highly recommend this great little e-magazine. Plus, it's free!

I will always have a soft spot for print magazines, but I appreciate the great e magazines we have available to us now. What are some of your favorites? Please. do share!

Have a lovely weekend!



West Elm Favorites

I was flipping through West Elm's latest catalog and was thinking how great and affordable their products are. It made me think, I should pick a few of my favorite West Elm products for you to peek at. I think it is so wonderful that stores like West Elm have made it possible for people of all budgets to have nice things in their home. When you can go home to a space you enjoy, it makes your whole world a happier place!  I love making collages or inspiration boards when I am trying to focus my thoughts. You can use this technique to gather images of furniture, accessories, color palate's, and more! This way when you are looking to redecorate a room, you have your focus.

Below are some of the many great items you can find at West Elm.




Sweet Goods NYC

I don’t know about you, but I have a definite love affair with mid century modern furniture. Maybe it stems from the history behind it. The Modernist movement that occurred 60 years ago really put America at the forefront of furniture design.  Mid century modern furniture just oozes with this optimism of its generation. Charles and Ray Eames are probably the most recognized American modern designers. With there focus on sleek, modern and simple, they also strived for functionality and affordability. This couple wanted all people and families to enjoy beautiful aesthetics within there home. I love their furniture for this reason most of all! Thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram, I discovered a super talented girl, based out of Brooklyn NY who scours the streets and Internet for old mid century pieces and gives them a fabulous new life! Sweet Goods is the shop name, and I think that is so appropriate! Wouldn’t it be sweet to have a piece of Americana in your home! I think it shows honor to these historical pieces, that she refreshes their life. It’s important that they are always around, and Sweet Goods is definitely playing a role in their preservation. Sweet Goods owns a shop through Etsy and also has a blog through tumblr, where you can follow some of the transformations of their finds. In her Etsy shop you can also find some really fun modern accessories and light fixtures. If you love modern furniture, you will love this little shop!


Hope enjoy browsing and have a wonderful weekend!

Dip Dyed

I think this dip dyed trend is pretty fun. I hope it lasts for a while. Considering, I have done it to a few of my chairs. This post actually could be a DIY. In fact, at the end of the post I will show you pictures of the chairs feet that I "dip dyed". I really like the dimension it gives a piece of furniture or an accessory. It adds that little edge to an otherwise dull piece. Not saying everything in the house should be dip dyed, but a few pieces add a lot of character. Plus, they are kind of a conversation piece for those who have never seen it. If you are like me, who LOVES white, it adds some great color pops into your palate.

Source Bench


Submergent Ladder

Color Block Utility Basket

Two-Toned Wood Spoon Set

I found this old chair at my local thrift store for $7! I could not resist painting the feet. Such an easy afternoon project, just tape of the area you want to paint you are good to go!
Here is a chair I use in my office. Did you see how boring and almost shabby the chair looked before? Looks so much better now.
Hope you find a little inspiration here to dip dye something of yours!

R&R - A new kitchen pantry!

My dad bought this cabinet from someone when he was moving out on his own ( about 45 years ago) and needed a few pieces of furniture. The before pics are actually what he refinished this cabinet as. Can you imagine what it looked like before that? So now it is my turn! I striped the entire cabinet down with a paint and epoxy remover, then sanded my little heart out. I chose a darker stain, and made sure to add bar finish to the top, so as to prevent scratching. Lastly, I repainted the inside with crisp navaho white! I could not be happier with the outcome. It is so fulfilling to take an old piece of furniture that has seen many days, and give it a whole new look! Don't overlook Grandma and Grandpa's, or Mom and Dad's "Old and Dated" items! They have so much potential!